This coffee shop was highly recommended by a colleague who frequently explores Malacca on bicycle. Located opposite the Ong Kah Yong Temple along Jalan Parameswara, this decrepit looking shop serves one of the best wanton noodles in town.

Saturday Ice 5We have been here several times and tried out a few of the stalls and we will review our favourite stall, Jennie’s Delight, which serves up a wickedly delicious wanton mee (Pork dumplings with thin egg noodles).

A bowl of wanton mee costs $4 rinngit, I would recommend that you order the dry version. It is served with thin egg noodles complimented with slices of char siew (Chinese Barbecue Pork) and sprigs of choy sum (vegetable). On the side, you have a bowl of clear chicken flavoured soup with three pieces of wanton (Pork dumplings).


We love the lightly flavoured wanton mee here. The texture of the egg noodles are different from those you will find in elsewhere. The noodles are not overcooked and the texture is almost similar to Japanese Ramen. I often say to Vinn, “This texture feels like the noodles at Ichiran in Fukuoka!”. He feels differently though, he finds the taste and texture of the noodles to be quite reminiscent of old school handmade noodles. The ingredients are nothing to scream about but overall, the taste is flavourful without being over-powering.

This weekend, I also got to try their Curry Mee. Thick yellow noodles were served with a light and watered down curry broth, accompanied with two pieces of chicken and potatoes. The curry sauce was not spicy enough for my liking although i found that the curry broth was quite fragrant. The pieces of chicken were tender and the noodles were blanched perfectly. On the whole this dish tasted fine, but we agreed that we would prefer to focus on their wanton mee instead.


Vinn loves braised Chicken Feet “It is high in collagen and great for our skin and ligaments”, he stresses, so we always end up ordering chicken feet. I don’t really like chicken feet, yet I find the chicken feet here is quite delicious. It is braised long enough so the skin falls off easily from the bones. There is a mild taste of five spice powder seasoning combined with a blend of light and dark soy sauce. Once again, the flavours were not overwhelming and a must try when eating here.


This coffeeshop is located along the narrow street of Jalan Parameswara, look out for the small lane on the right called Jalan Praya. The limited parking here can be quite troublesome for unskilled drivers as you may need to negotiate the small lane. I would highly encourage any visitor to Malacca to give yourself a chance to try this wanton mee stall.

Jennie’s Delight is opened daily from 7:30am to 3pm.