MBO walkway
MBO Entrance Walkway

The new MBO Cinema at Elements Mall was opened on the 20th January 2017. We had the pleasure of watching two movies to date and both times we were “wowed” by the experience. The first time we were there, we caught Jackie Chan’s “Kungfu Yoga” and we were very impressed from the start of our movie experience.

The box office staff were friendly and patient as they explained to us about their movie card promotions and even offered to register everyone in our group individually. The cinema hall was not large but the decor was cozy with plush red fabric seats. The seat pitch and viewing angles were also well spaced out. Our only gripe was that the air-conditioning was way too cold, otherwise it was a really pleasant first experience since the cinema hall was not filled and we did not have to contend with any crowd (It felt almost like a private viewing).

MBO Box Office

The second time around, we watched “Logan” and decided to pay a little more to watch the film in Dolby Atmos. Initially, we thought that only the sound system was going to be fantastic, but the minute we stepped into the hall, we were greeted with a huge screen that covered foot to ceiling, in a grand hall that probably seats 300. For a blockbuster opening weekend, the theater was also relatively quiet, but that only meant that we once again felt like we booked the whole theater.

We love watching movies at Lido in Singapore because the screens are large and seats are comfy, but we much prefer the ambience at MBO Elements Mall. From here on, we promised that we will be watching our blockbuster hits in Malacca.