We love to have something soupy for lunch and during our short trip to Malacca last week, Vinn mentioned that he wanted to sample what the local prawn noodles tasted like. So here I was “Googling” for a nearby famous prawn noodles and the closest one to Hatten City was about 2km or an 8 minute drive away. “Let’s go there before the lunch crowd arrives!” he said excitedly, as we grabbed the car keys and practically dashed out for an early meal.
We arrived at Restoran Yung Lai Siang and easily got a parking lot at about 12:10pm. Restoran Yung Lai Siang is a coffee shop located along a row of shophouses and there are two seperate stalls within the shop, with one selling prawn and fishball noodles and the other selling Nyona Laksa. The minute we arrived, I decided to abandon having the prawn noodles and go for the Nyona Laska which smelled so good.
YLS Laksa
A small bowl of Nyona Laksa costs $4 ringgit and you can choose to have it with Bee Hoon (Fine Vermicelli) or Mee (Yellow Noodles). I decided to have a mix, Bee Hoon Mee. The broth was rich with a strong scent of curry paste and quite different from the laksa I am used to having in Singapore which is richer in prawn paste. The condiments were small shrimps, a few pieces of Tau Pok (Fluffy Bean Curd) and Crispy Sweet Tau Kee (Thick Bean Curd Skin).
I cannot compare this to any of the laksa that I have tasted in Singapore as it is quite unique. Yet somehow there is an old school flavour that is quite reminiscent of push cart stalls in Singapore back in the 70s.
YLS Prawn Noodles
Vinn stuck to his favourite Prawn Noodles, he decided to have a large bowl which costs $5 rinngit and selected Bee Hoon only. The broth was dark and the soup was tasty, but once again it lacked the prawn flavour. Condiments were almost similar to the Laksa and it included thin slices of fishcake and some Kang Kong (Water Morning Glory). He felt quite disappointed about the prawn noodles overall. “It must be Malacca Prawn Noodles are quite lightly flavoured” he expressed.
Restoran Yung Lai Siang serves economical Prawn or Fishball Noodles and Nyona Laksa in a local environment from 7am to 2pm daily.